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The Hangover Cure – Part 2

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Well its no secret, the owners of Joe Bartender like to drink.  Luckily the word is out and some fine companies have been rushing to solve our greatest nemisis: the hangover.   First we had Zaca who provided us with their cool hangover patches, and now we have Drinkwel (http://www.drinkwel.com/) and their hangover pills.  These pills are the first multivitamin specially formulated for healthy people who drink, designed to replenish lost nutrients, support healthy liver function, and help prevent hangovers. Yea, everyone knows that kids have always had flinstone vitamins to look after their growing bones, its nice to know that for people who like to booze we have Drinkwel to look after punished livers!

The package we were provided with shipped with a bottle of pills and some cool single use packs for those on the road hangover emergencies.  I have been pretty consistent in taking my anti hangover pills and I think it helps.  For me the real help is those nights where you have a few pints and have to get up bright and early for work.  I find the multivitamins plus a few glasses of water really keeps you feeling great the next morning.

Give the Drinkwel hangover pills a try today and let us know how it worked for you!


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24 Comments For This Post

  1. Water Says:

    I best cure for a hangover has always been to avoid drinks made with sulfites. And/or drink plenty of water – Its a proven fact that the alcohol doesn’t cause those massive hangovers – its water dehydration from the sulfites in the alcohol.

  2. lional wheel Says:

    Hi i found you blog on bing/msn and found it both interesting and lnformative i will come back again as i have Bookmarked as much liquid viamin c as posible or lots of bloody marys vit k in the tomatoes cures hangovers

  3. Medical Accessories Says:

    Coffee or soup can also be a good remedy in treating hang over. Drinkwel, I think is a bit expensive.

  4. Mia Hunderacer Says:

    I heard that the cactus pills should be very effective against hangovers, although my cure has always been a trip to MacDonalds and just go frenzy on the junkfood.

    It feels good at the moment, but afterwards, even more hung over.

  5. Adam Says:

    I can tell you without remorse that the best hangover cure i’ve experienced, and many others will tell you… is to smoke a little bit of weed. Im not a regular pot smoker by any means, but i’ve noticed that smoking pot while drunk prevents hangovers, and smoking pot the next day while you have a hangover…relieves the hangover.

  6. Adam Says:

    Also keep in mind, that im definitely not a regular smoker, the times i did smoke were when i was drinking with friends.

  7. Josh Martin Says:

    Hangover Joe’s Get Up & Go is by far the best Hangover Cure out there for sure. Hangover Joe’s is a 2oz Hangover Recovery Shot – Hangover Remedy & Hangover Relief at its finest. I picked this up at a liquor store in Arkansas after a night of hard drinking and fired it down in the morning. I can tell you I was totally Hangover Free in about 30-45min. Hangover Joe’s Get Up & Go is the leading hangover remedy i have ever had.

  8. Tony Says:

    I thought this post was about the insanely funny movie, The Hangover, having a sequel.

    Anyway, I sure too would love a hangover cure. That way, I will be able to drink every night with my buddies without that feeling of hammering my head the following morning.

  9. Amudhan Says:

    From my personal experience the best remedy for hangover is drinking plenty of water and engaging in lively chitchat or enjoying some pleasant music

  10. marjan kujundziski Says:

    I would definitely try something that would help with my hangover.

  11. BarsAndBartending.com Says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot about a hangover remedy product called Rewind. All the reviews I’ve read so far are positive. Has anyone tried this?

  12. Intoxicated Abroad Says:

    Cool post, I might pick some of these pills up. If it works as advertized, should be worth it.

  13. Microcement Manchester Says:

    Best cure is a bacon buttie and a pint of milk, works every time.

  14. Top Chef Says:

    Good ol’ Ibuprofren(sp?) works best for me.

  15. moncler Says:

    I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this post. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me to start my own blog now.

  16. watchcabletvonlinelive Says:

    For me the only cure for massive hangover is to drink cola or any cold beverages, it is fun reading this article

  17. Jack Says:

    2 aspirins & cold water does the trick to my hang over.

  18. Nate Lawliet Says:

    i havent try this yet but i am hoping and looking fprward for this pills.

  19. Free Stuff For Moms Says:

    You can get free things for moms at Free Sample Agent.

  20. Become Webcam Performer Says:

    Here’s a simple way to avoid hangovers: drink beer with ice, and a lot of it. I’ve found that this almost entirely eliminates the hangover the next morning.

  21. harvin gullfill Says:

    The better cure for a hangover is not to be drunk in the first place. However if you cannot simple avoid getting drunk and having a hangover in the morning. Drinking a glass of warm milk in the morning could really help you.

  22. Wideband Says:

    I’m going to try these out for New Years. I will report back with results hopefully I wake up feeling like a million bucks!!

  23. Huahin Resort Says:

    Often people find it hard to overcome the hangover in the morning. I think these pills will be well useful in curing the hangover so that people can easily get back to their work in a fresh mood. Thanks for the link.

  24. Logo Design Canada Says:

    The hangover pills are very useful in curing the basic hangover within a few hours. This new pills will definitely be a good substitute for the prevalent drugs available in the market.