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Star Trek cocktails

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Star Trek cocktail recipes
I have never been a huge fan of Star Trek (although I do LOVE Wrath of Khan), but apparently there is a huge desire on the part of Star Trek fans to mix drinks based on their favorite fictional reality. I look at this as a way I can help geeks get laid! So if you’re throwing a Star Trek themed party and need some killer cocktail recipes — this is the list for you!

Aldebaran Whiskey

Captain Jean Luc Picard Cocktail

Vulcan Mind Meld/Probe

Vulcan Mind Probe

Talos IV Coffee

Klingon Bloodwine RecipeNow we have some very tough Klingon themed drinks. A warning: The bloodwines are designed to actually look like blood. Because that’s how klingons roll… with bloodwine!

Klingon Disruptor
Klingon Bloodwine #1
Klingon Bloodwine #2

I don’t know much about Romulans, but based on these drinks I am assuming some kind of hierarchical society. This drink ranges from Ensigns grade to Commanders grade, Very clever!

Romulan Ale – Ensign’s Grade
Romulan Ale – Fleet Officer’s Grade
Romulan Ale – Commanders’ Grade

This is just a start of Star Trek themed drinks. There are many more and we would love to hear your suggestions.

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  1. kaven jardon Says:

    a huge fan of Star Trek ,well done.go my website to know more if you are interesting in that

  2. ultmale Says:

    I liked it, too.