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The Stock Market has Crashed; Bottoms Up…

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If you are like me and have some cashizzle tied up in the stock market or have a job thats dependent on the health of the economy, what better time then now is there to drown your sorrows in alcohol?

Sure health officials may warn against the magical combination of depression and booze, but sometimes it just feels like the right thing to do.  So now that the Dow has crashed, your boss has warned of impending layoffs and your Citibank margin purchase is haunting you, what will provide you the necessary salvation?


To try and visualize a good recommendation for the Joe Bartender readers, I tried to rember what alcohol is used in the movies.  You know, what would a regular dude order at bar when his family and friends have been murdered by a rogue govenment agency after he accidently witnessed a top government official get offed?  There is only one drink that came to mind.  That is Whiskey – Straight Up.

Now to get a little more specific, what type of whiskey should I drink.  Well since the American economy is the source of the pain its got to be an American Whiskey.  There are three types that fit the bill and they include:

Bourbon whiskey
Rye whiskey
Corn whiskey


as of 1941 good old fashion Tenesse Whiskey with the most famous brand of all:

- Jack Daniels -



Shoot it (Dow Jones down 200)
Pour it over ice (Dow Jones down 201 – 600)
Sip it neat in a Brandy Sniffer (Dow Jones down 601 – 850)
Hell, drink it straight from the bottle (Dow Jones down 850+)
Try enjoying some other Jack Daniels drinks from Joe Bartender


JB Economy is tanking Stock Pick:

Altria Group, Inc. (Public, NYSE:MO)
Industry: Tobacco
Nov 26 – Close: $15.87

Now I know a lot of the Joe Bartender followers are bartenders themselves.  What do you see pissed off folks drinking up after a hard day?  What is your ’stress reliever’ drink?

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137 Comments For This Post

  1. News Online Says:

    This recession is taking a big toll on alot of stuff. Jack Daniels sound pretty nice right now how this economy is.

  2. Australian of the year Says:

    In times like these, people go back to the basics, good old fashion Tenesse Whiskey.

  3. Yulia McCabe Says:

    Oh! Incomparable Jack Daniels! Really good for drinking up after a hard day. Good thing.

    Nice site. I love it. See u.

  4. nyc Says:

    I thought the same thing but it looks like some alcohol related companies are laying off employees as well. Was surprised by that. I think more people are staying home rather than going out for drinks.

  5. Rent a Car Bacau Says:

    Nice article.

  6. Gretchen Says:

    Tell this to those guys at AB-Inbev – lot of people losing their jobs now.

  7. Zac Says:

    Figures after the post it barely moves more than 100 points per day. Probably have more fun with the drink when the market goes down another 1500 points at the beginning if the year.

  8. Ernie Small Says:

    bartenders and artists (espcially musicians who play in bars) are often said to fare the best during tough economic times. (i’ve had this said to me a few times recently).
    and it seems that it’s going to be bars, musicians and Walmart on the top of the chain for a while here…..

  9. typo Says:

    a good glass of gin on the rocks always takes my blues away but fortuanately I have no stocks

  10. Chevy Says:

    LOL, sorry for the laugh but could not stop it. On alcohol and depression, I personally think its better than those strong sleeping pills.
    I try to avoid drinking alone specially when depressed, but who knows may be I’m sad when I’m drinking.
    Try dark RUM …

  11. Amarnath Says:

    Alcohol or any other drug cant heal the wounded hearts due to recession…Lets us hope on the Change….

  12. Tulsa Recording Studios Says:

    Jack Daniel’s is good. Alternate switching to Southern Comfort works for me.
    Honestly, didn’t anyone see this coming?
    What I didn’t see coming was the LOOTING OF THE TREASURY by the banks and auto industry after we hit on hard times, and the government allowing it to happen.
    (I wonder who made unclaimed money on THAT ONE?

  13. CJ Shop Says:

    thank you for you information.

    Happy new year

  14. Property Rentals Bulgaria Says:

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  15. Mike Says:

    Great informative post! I subscribed to your RSS feed.

  16. pire Says:

    thank you

  17. Exhibition banner Says:

    I’m glad (very happy infact) that he was chosen as the next President. It wont really change much I don’t think.

  18. mmorpg Says:

    hehe, bottoms up!

  19. international shipping Says:

    let us hope that the right decision was taken. this is what really matters at the end.

  20. Michael Warf Says:

    Bottoms up to Obama, even though investors with stock should really be looking for the long haul – things do make me nervous right now.

  21. Cash Loan Lady Says:

    I’m suprised, I thought the one thing that would never have trouble is alcohol. Just goes to show you how bad the problem really is.

  22. Ruben Says:

    The recession isn’t good for anything ! I hope it will be over soon.


  23. Cash Loan Lady Says:

    Jack Daniels is definately a good choice to wash away the blues! But truthfully, we need to stop hiding behind excuses and become responsible Americans. But it never hurts to let go once in a while and enjoy a little whiskey in your favorite way.

  24. Joe Says:

    It is a great time for new and early investors to jump in and buy up some cheap premium stocks. The rest of us…just hold on for the ride and keep buying!

  25. Food Hampers Says:

    Yeah, things are pretty rough out there with the economy and another lousy recession. But, we have a new president and I do think he will get people’s confidence up. All is not lost…look for good things happening this year…2009!

  26. online hotel reservation Says:

    You are correct, Whiskey is the ’stress reliever’ drink…
    But, as far as I know, most of the Indians are not using any of these, I just wonder on how those guys get release from the stress?

    Guys, my late “NEW YEAR 2009″ wishs,
    Cheers, Let’s have a peck :)

  27. Cash Loan Lady Says:

    Do you really think it’s a good idea for investors to just hang in there and keep buying? And has the price of whiskey been effected by the economy at all?

  28. fedmod.com Says:

    Hi, thanks for the comment. I had a question for you folks, i heard of loan modifications for distressed mortgages. do they work? i might possibly face foreclosure and move my family and would like to know my options. thank you for you assistance. we need to stick together, homeowners.

  29. jacob Says:

    Quite informative article. Yea, it’s really a great time for new and early investors to jump in and buy up some cheap premium stocks.

  30. Dominican Republic Real Estate Says:

    My Dad had roughly 3 million dollars tied up in the stock market. So far, he’s lost 40%. It’s been pretty rough, so maybe we’ll make that drink and try to forget about all that lost dough.

  31. Mens designer clothing Says:

    Im so glad I dont have my money in stocks

  32. Cheryl Says:

    Definitely seeing consumption go down .. Maybe the industry needs a bail out also…

  33. luxury perfume Says:

    Good on him and a great turnaround for the worldwide opinion of the USA. I had a phonecall with an American client of mine the day after and it seems spirits were running very high indeed!

  34. Peet Says:

    Oh! Incomparable Jack Daniels! Really good for drinking up after a hard day. Good thing.

  35. mickey Sandkasten Says:

    As do I get back a big thirst :)

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    My friend just got out of perhaps the worst relationship, I think it’s time for some drinks.

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  39. Eric Says:

    Theres nothing like 12 years Jameson Irish Wiskey whith friends. :)
    Much better than Jack Danniels

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  41. Cheryl Says:

    The Economy Is in the Tanker but nothing wrong with with some stress relief!

  42. Cruse Says:

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  43. Cheryl Says:

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  44. albert jones Says:

    Can I have Vodka on the rocks please? Lol. At a time like this, let’s just drink and hope things get better in the morning. ;-)

  45. Save Few Bucks Says:

    Jack Daniels is my favorite

  46. tee Says:

    Seems like this is the best method to get away from it all simply go have a drink. Jack Daniels!

  47. Dose of Clarity Says:

    I actually had a Jack Daniels drink the other night for the first time in maybe 15 years. It used to be my drink of choice and I felt I wanted to reintroduce myself to it, and it was stupendous. I love the the “directions” given as to what amount goes with a specific drop in the Dow. Scary part is how many of those “drink it straight from the bottle” days we have had in recent past. Ugh!

  48. KW Says:

    LOL! How ironic, this post quite old and look at what’s happening today!

  49. Baron Von Google Money System Says:

    LOL, my stress reliever drink is any ice cold beer. Failing that, a nice single malt. Failing that a good bottle of Red. Failing that a crisp pint of cider.
    Ahh what the heck! ANYTHING will do!!

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  60. Alcohol Rehab Says:

    In times like these, people go back to the basics, good old fashion Tenesse Whiskey.

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  70. sameer Says:

    Well many people have lost a lot money in the stock markets including me , the global recession is really taking its toll.

  71. Gabanna Says:

    Yeah ill be going out now that we all lost money, maybe i might even get lucky too PUA

  72. Dulce Says:

    Really good.. Drink it up now that we all lost money.. lol

  73. sale house fast Says:

    Well in my country people when they do not have money, they drink, so I think that is the sollution right ?

  74. Tatang Sulaeman Says:

    Things are pretty rough out there with the economy and another lousy recession. But, we have a new president and I do think he will get people’s confidence up. All is not lost…look for good things happening this year

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    We live in America. Just that very fact is a reason to celebrate. The stock market is like vegas. You Go in down, hopefully to come out up. Thanks for bringing us back to the roots. Nothing like good old whiskey.

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