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Low Calorie Cocktail Ideas

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Every year when summer rolls around, bartenders get asked by customers about which cocktails and mixed drinks are the lowest in calorie. Everybody wants a beach body in time for summer. (Hint: If you’re starting now, you’re too late!) In my opinion, if you are out drinking, losing weight is not really your priority. But, then I started thinking about the amount of calories that are in certain drinks and by making a few switches it really is possible to cut out quite a few calories. Here are some cocktail substitution ideas that will get your body ready for a bikini this year.


Mojito (160 calories, 15 g sugars)


LONG ISLAND ICED TEA (700 calories, 40 g sugars)

Skip the LIT and go for a Mojito and you’ll be saving 520 calories. That’s pretty substantial.


COSMOPOLITAN (150 calories, 12 g sugars)


MARGARITA (500 calories, 32 g sugars)

That’s a substantial difference – 350 fewer calories. Sure the drinks aren’t exactly the same, but the typical Margarita is loaded with calories and sugar due to the sweet & sour mix.


Bloody Mary (150 calories, 10 g sugars)


Pina Colada (625 calories, 75 g sugars)

This one is pretty much common sense. Avoid the sugary syrupy sweetness of the Pina Colada and you’ll save 475 calories.

With a little restraint and clear thinking, it’s possible to really reduce the amount of calories the next time you hit your favorite bar.

Source: Men’s Health

Photo by Frederic della Faille.

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74 Comments For This Post

  1. guadeloupe Says:

    Honestly speaking, I never think about calorie in cocktails. I drink them not so much. But when I taste them, I’ll have fun and enjoy the moment, and won’t think about so much.

  2. Columbus Ohio Says:

    The girl clearly has no need to worry about the calories in her drink. Looks like she could use a hug to warm her up, though. ;-)

  3. good shape Says:

    Great idea to post that hard to find calorie counts. To get around this, I just drink once or twice every couple of weeks and only one or two drinks a time. I stay in good shape and keep my sanity. hehe


  4. Alkoblog Says:

    For me the idea of low calorie cocktails sounds a bit strange: Drinking much alcohol causes much more harm than overweight. And drinking alcohol also makes you hungry, you eat crisps and they make you fat…

  5. Cheryl Says:

    It simple amazes me how man calories are in drinks ~ so what really is the best thing to drink wine? light beer? maybe just water.

  6. Cheryl Says:

    It simply amazes me how man calories are in drinks ~ so what really is the best thing to drink wine? light beer? maybe just water.

  7. BlueBird Says:

    Nice information.Surely I will try.

  8. Peet Says:

    The girl clearly has no need to worry about the calories in her drink. Looks like she could use a hug to warm her up, though.

  9. Manila Office Space Says:

    Low calorie cocktail..?sounds new for me..^_^

  10. Nashville Plumbers Says:

    I don’t even put that into consideration with what I drink. Never drink the lite stuff, nothing big.

  11. amrita@Web Site Design Dubai Says:

    thanks for given this terrific idea thanks

  12. LinessaSay Says:

    Thank you very much for this useful article and the comments. I love this site as it contains good materials.

  13. Charles Says:

    Thanks for the list, very interesting.

  14. Blue Ice Says:

    Great article, will use it.

  15. Yvonne Says:

    Lowest calories drink are mostly drunk to lose weight. For the loss of weight every one wants to drink the low calories cocktail. It is good to health and fitness.

  16. Dinora Says:

    The truth is the fewer the calories the better the feeling. But I honestly wouldn’t refuse a very tasty glass of something only because I might gain wight:)

  17. Gestão Ambiental Says:

    I drink them not so much. But when I taste them, I’ll enjoy it!

  18. Lorraine Says:

    Great info here, thanks Joe! Anyways as long as you exercise and eat the right stuff, partying every once in a while shouldn’t add more love handles in your bod. :-)

  19. Beagle Girl Says:

    Low cal cocktails…I can’t be bothered. I don’t drink often so when I do I don’t even think about calories.

  20. world coins Says:

    Good Idea for ever people who want to reduce their weight.

  21. Trading short Says:

    thank for the Nice information about drink

  22. EasyMillion Says:

    Best Low Calorie Cocktail 2008 was something called Miami Passion! Drank it at a Hotel in Algarve, Portugal…simply the best cocktail I have ever put to my lips

  23. Mr Mirrors Says:

    Great idean, thanks for sharing.

  24. Telhas Says:

    Aah.. I think we cut out calories in other things than drinks.. lol

  25. Alcohol Facts Says:

    Drink in moderation, and you will never have to worry about calories.

  26. Pickup Says:

    What exactly is your opinion on what the best artificial sweetener is for drinks? I personally like splenda, but most seem to prefer aspartame. I know there are some other in use out there too (Stevia comes to mind).

  27. Give 2 Achieve Says:

    Hi all

    I used to be a heavy drinker. Everyday I used to drink, and got intoxicated. Now, I have given up drinking hard drinks. I drink beers only, and sometimes, wine. I think wine is much better drink because it is a good source of antioxidants, and good for health.

    Thanks for your that interesting information on Calories intake

  28. Aaron Says:

    Just do a little cardio to eliminate the worry of calorie intake! This will lead a happier healthier life.

  29. Rick Says:

    What if we mixed diet pepsi with beer?
    anyone tried thaT?

  30. Christopher Says:

    amazing stuff thanx :)

  31. Medical Systems Says:

    Great recipe for overweight people.

  32. Lazer epilasyon Says:

    Oh Joe,
    thanks for this post. Summer and women..We want to keep our body in form so we need low calori..
    Thanks again..

  33. Sourav Says:

    I dont go for cocktails too much but when I drink it I just want to enjoy
    Anyway nice post for heavy cocktail lovers

  34. Emmick Says:

    low calorie drinks, does that leave more calories left for pizza :)

  35. Graphic Design Says:

    Nice post.
    Helpful to obese people.

  36. Approach Women Says:

    Did anyone tried these ?

  37. Belajar SEO Para Pemula Says:

    I think that would be great…

  38. Bayrak Says:

    It simple amazes me how man calories are in drinks ~ so what really is the best thing to drink wine? light beer? maybe just water.

  39. Cheryl Says:

    What is a good one for fall?

  40. arun Says:

    has any one tried those ??

  41. sohbet Says:

    thank you for the post

  42. Raj Says:

    Thanks for the post.


  43. Graham Says:

    I find that a lot of people pay attention to the calories in their drinks….that is until they have had a few and then they don’t care, lol

  44. Ben Song Says:

    do really people care about there calories i mean once your buzzing the drinking does not stop but thats why you have to drink once in a while and not care

  45. forums Says:

    Men’s health always had good drink ideas.

  46. Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh Says:

    cant beat cocktails on a nice summers day! :)

  47. pokkisam Says:

    Good idea in winter times..is this good for health

  48. Angular Cheilitis Says:

    Wow thanks for these recipes I am sure that they will come in handy when we get together with friends that love to take care of themselves and do not like drinking beer.

  49. Gift Idea Says:

    Interesting.. Never thought about calories in drinks. It’s a shock actually that some of them contain so many calories. Thanks for posting.

  50. soga168 Says:

    i will try tp learn how to drink.

  51. Medical Spa MD Says:

    Interesting article. My waistline thanks you.

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  53. forum Says:

    Lowest calories drink are mostly drunk to lose weight. For the loss of weight every one wants to drink the low calories cocktail. It is good to health and fitness.

  54. Emily Says:

    Does a margharita seriously have that many calories? Really? That seems impossible. I mean, a 12oz coke only has 150.

  55. boris Says:

    Very actual post!

  56. Sam Says:

    I never actually think about calories when I’m drinking…It’s probably a good idea since some of them are pretty high in calories. :P Thanks for the reminder!

  57. Steven Says:

    low calories are still calories, i mean , try to do sport.

  58. Görsel Says:

    Thank you so much for writing such a nice post.

  59. Erika Flud Says:

    Thank you very much for your help, http://www.joebartender.com/drink-recipes/low-calorie-cocktail-recipes/ has been a great rest from the books,

  60. Printfac3 Says:

    Finally, cocktail recipes with calorie counts! Cheers to you Joe Bartender and thank you.

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    My wife loves the idea of low cal cocktails.


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    This is a great comparison to help me decide which to choose. Thanks!

  69. scented candles - Paige Jeanes Says:

    Great substitution list. For a woman that likes a drink now and then this is very helpful!

  70. Chetan Dhiman Says:

    Well said ‘guadeloupe’ I too drink to forget my worries :)

  71. Peter Jenkins Says:

    Everything could be a healthy treat when not abused. This one is useful!. You only don’t get to drink yummy cocktails, it’s healthy as well!. Thanks!

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  72. Saday Says:

    wow!!! Great idea, I love cocktail.. I will definitely try this.

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  74. DK Says:

    Low Calorie Cocktail, I’ll tell my brother about this too. He’s also on diet.