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Inventing New Drinks – The Twisted Stache

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Inventing New Drinks – The Twisted Stache

Here in Toronto summers are short, way too short, so I try to ensure no day or night passes me by. On a warm wednesday, thursday, friday, or saturday its an opportunity, if not an obligation to join your buddies on a rooftop where you can sip or pound drink after drink of your favorite summer beverage. Now after you hang out with the same dudes/chicks night after night for hours at a time, staring at each others faces, it is often appropriate to bring some drinking games into play to keep things interesting. You can stick with the old faithfuls, but whats more fun then inventing your own game? Now I’ve made up my share of games, but only a few have survived a night’s blur, and those include ‘Bad Word Scrabble’, ‘BAM’ and the one I’m about to talk about, ‘Invent A Drink’.

I’m sure many of you have played this game, and probably given it a much better title then I have however for those of you that have not please read on. That night, our objective was to have everyone invent a drink by a set time, for us it was 11:00. At that time, everyone divulges the name / ingredient of their potential creation. The group then casts their vote for their favorite and orders it from the bar, the inventor of course gets their drink paid for. I certainly can’t remember what the losing drinks were (including the one I made up) but the winner is a favorite we get pretty much every time we head to the bar:


Twisted Stache


Here is how it’s made:

  • 1/2 Shot of Vodka
  • 1/2 Shot of Southern Comfort
  • Half Glass of Red Bull

    Directions: Pour half a shot of vodka into a shot glass and top it up with Southern Comfort. Drop the shot glass into a half glass of red bull and slam it back.

    Now I know its not the most complex drink in the world but its the best our drunken conglomerate could come up with. Irregardless, it’s damn good and I recommend ordering it to jump start your night. Make sure you reference by the name ‘Twisted Stache’ at your local bar and help get one of our favorite drinks known worldwide.


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    Drinking Game Ideas: The Simpsons and Superbowl

    Part of the fun of being a bartender is meeting new people and making new friends. A great way to keep everyone entertained is by playing drinking games.

    Here are a few fantastic suggestions:
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    SCARFACE drinking game

    Watch the movie Scarface.

    Every time Tony Montana says "Fuck You" … take a drink of beer!

    For serious gangsters — everytime someone gets murdered … drink a shot of whatever!

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    March Of The Penguins drinking Game

    While watching "March Of The Penguins"

    How To Play It:

    Take a drink…

    1. Anytime the word "Penguin" Is said in the movie.
    2. Anytime a penguin "toboggans" (slides on stomach) *This actually happens A LOT
    3. Anytime a Penguin or egg dies.
    4. Anytime a baby penguin is fed by parents.

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