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My New Favorite Shot: Patron Black

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My New Favorite Shot: Patron Black

Let’s talk about doing shots. There is nothing like hammering down an intoxicating thimbleful of your favorite alcohol with a group of friends. A shot will take you to the next plateau and bring about that familiar cloudiness we all cherish. What else can make a gremlin desirable, transform a dirty porcelain bowl into a pillow or turn an inconspicuous location into a urinal? Now a shot doesn’t have to be an exercise in alcoholism, it can also be a tasty treat!

For me I’ve always hated hard liquor shots. Rum, Rye, Vodka, Gin, Grappa… Gross! Tequila is the exception, especially a fine Petron, lemon preferred. It is really the only hard liquor I can withstand, never mind actually desire.

As for the less ‘manly’ spirits, I used to enjoy a good Jagermeister. Maybe there was a night of excess I can’t recall but today that stuff just tastes like Buckley’s Cough Medicine to me – ‘Tastes bad but it works.’. I’ve had quite a bit of Southern Comfort in my day and i can still force a few down but the sweetness just screams migraine-style hangover. As a SoCo alternative I don’t mind the similar but smoother Disaronno.

Now onto the Petron Black coffee liqueur. This tequila based shot still sits at 35% alcohol so it definately packs a punch. When you first down the chilled black liquid you feel the shotgun blast warming head rush you normally expect from Tequila but with a delightful coffee aftertaste. Instead of having to neutralize your pallet by chugging a beer, you are going to want to savour the flavor of this decadent alcohol. With such a unique taste I certainly wouldn’t want to overdo this shot, especially with its expensive price tag but for now order me up another round.

What is your favorite shot?

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The Stock Market has Crashed; Bottoms Up…

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The Stock Market has Crashed; Bottoms Up…

If you are like me and have some cashizzle tied up in the stock market or have a job thats dependent on the health of the economy, what better time then now is there to drown your sorrows in alcohol?

Sure health officials may warn against the magical combination of depression and booze, but sometimes it just feels like the right thing to do.  So now that the Dow has crashed, your boss has warned of impending layoffs and your Citibank margin purchase is haunting you, what will provide you the necessary salvation?


To try and visualize a good recommendation for the Joe Bartender readers, I tried to rember what alcohol is used in the movies.  You know, what would a regular dude order at bar when his family and friends have been murdered by a rogue govenment agency after he accidently witnessed a top government official get offed?  There is only one drink that came to mind.  That is Whiskey – Straight Up.

Now to get a little more specific, what type of whiskey should I drink.  Well since the American economy is the source of the pain its got to be an American Whiskey.  There are three types that fit the bill and they include:

Bourbon whiskey
Rye whiskey
Corn whiskey


as of 1941 good old fashion Tenesse Whiskey with the most famous brand of all:

- Jack Daniels -



Shoot it (Dow Jones down 200)
Pour it over ice (Dow Jones down 201 – 600)
Sip it neat in a Brandy Sniffer (Dow Jones down 601 – 850)
Hell, drink it straight from the bottle (Dow Jones down 850+)
Try enjoying some other Jack Daniels drinks from Joe Bartender


JB Economy is tanking Stock Pick:

Altria Group, Inc. (Public, NYSE:MO)
Industry: Tobacco
Nov 26 – Close: $15.87

Now I know a lot of the Joe Bartender followers are bartenders themselves.  What do you see pissed off folks drinking up after a hard day?  What is your ’stress reliever’ drink?

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Inventing New Drinks – The Twisted Stache

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Inventing New Drinks – The Twisted Stache

Here in Toronto summers are short, way too short, so I try to ensure no day or night passes me by. On a warm wednesday, thursday, friday, or saturday its an opportunity, if not an obligation to join your buddies on a rooftop where you can sip or pound drink after drink of your favorite summer beverage. Now after you hang out with the same dudes/chicks night after night for hours at a time, staring at each others faces, it is often appropriate to bring some drinking games into play to keep things interesting. You can stick with the old faithfuls, but whats more fun then inventing your own game? Now I’ve made up my share of games, but only a few have survived a night’s blur, and those include ‘Bad Word Scrabble’, ‘BAM’ and the one I’m about to talk about, ‘Invent A Drink’.

I’m sure many of you have played this game, and probably given it a much better title then I have however for those of you that have not please read on. That night, our objective was to have everyone invent a drink by a set time, for us it was 11:00. At that time, everyone divulges the name / ingredient of their potential creation. The group then casts their vote for their favorite and orders it from the bar, the inventor of course gets their drink paid for. I certainly can’t remember what the losing drinks were (including the one I made up) but the winner is a favorite we get pretty much every time we head to the bar:


Twisted Stache


Here is how it’s made:

  • 1/2 Shot of Vodka
  • 1/2 Shot of Southern Comfort
  • Half Glass of Red Bull

    Directions: Pour half a shot of vodka into a shot glass and top it up with Southern Comfort. Drop the shot glass into a half glass of red bull and slam it back.

    Now I know its not the most complex drink in the world but its the best our drunken conglomerate could come up with. Irregardless, it’s damn good and I recommend ordering it to jump start your night. Make sure you reference by the name ‘Twisted Stache’ at your local bar and help get one of our favorite drinks known worldwide.


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