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The Singapore Sling


The Singapore Sling

Singapore sling is a cocktail drink first invented a century ago.  The drink was made at the Raffles hotel in Singapore and later became very popular in North America.

The drink consists of gin, brandy, some Benedictine, pineapple, fresh lemon, angostura bitters and some grenadine. All the ingredient are mixed and the poured into a highball glass with ice. While this was the original recipe, the Singapore sling has gone through many changes over the years. All the ingredients have changed, however, the one critical ingredient that has remained the same is Benedictine.  Benedictine is a key ingredient without which the drink is not the same.

When  the drink is made in the proper way, it is truly refreshing.

The drink is still served on all international Singapore airline flights. The original drink at the Raffles hotel costs close to $25. This may sound a bit too expensive for a drink, but if you went to Paris, would you not go and see the Eiffel tower or if you went to China, would you not go and see the great wall?. The same logic applies to the sling. If you go to Singapore, you should get a taste of this great drink

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Joe Bartender’s Guide To The Margarita

The Margarita is a very popular drink made from tequila.   This cocktail drink is made with Triple sec (orange flavored liqueur), lime/lemon juice and a sprinkle of salt.

Generally the white or Blanco tequila is preferred for the margarita but this is a personal choice.. This potent cocktail usually consists of a mixture of 50% tequila, 25% Triple Sec, and 25% lime or lemon juice.

The drink is served with ice. Some individuals also add a sweetener either sugar or a honey to add sweetness.

Another deviation from the classic Margarita is to make the drink frothier. This is typically done by adding some egg white to the blended margarita. While the egg white makes no difference to the taste , it does bring more frothiness. In the Southern USA, some individual also make margarita from raspberries, strawberries and even mango juice. All the ingredients are blended.

Irrespective of how it is made or what the ingredients are, margarita are a great refreshing drink for any occasion/event.

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Joe Bartender’s Guide To The Daquiri

A daiquiri is a cocktail drink made from a combination of rum, lime juice and sugar. Over the years several variations of this drink have been developed.

The classic daiquiri was always served in a tall glass full of ice. Both lime and sugar were then sprinkled over the ice and 2-3 ounces of rum was added to make the drink. Using a long spoon the drink was mixed and consumed.

Today, the variations of daiquiri include doubling the portion of rum to 4-6 ounces, omitting the sugar, adding honey/syrup and adding some grape fruit juice. Frozen daiquiri is basically the same thing except that the drink is blended with ice, making it a little slushy.

Daiquiri is a popular drink in most bars and sports clubs. Drinking a few daiquiris on an empty stomach almost always induces a state of lightheadedness and delight.

There is also the strawberry daiquiri- which has become a popular drink both in the home and at social events.  Essentially all the ingredients are combined and Strawberries are added to the blender and pulverized.  This results in a sweet delicious refreshing drink that tastes great.

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Sex On The Beach – No Beach Required

This highball cocktail is popular at all bars and sports clubs. The cocktail is made from vodka, orange juice, peach schnapps and cranberry juice. The drink was first served at TGI Fridays years ago and now is widely available in all bars.

The ingredients for “sex on the beach” are mixed,  shaken with some ice and served in a highball glass.

Over the years, there have been several variations to this drink. Some bartenders also add raspberries as garnish and use pineapple juice instead of the traditional orange juice. Besides raspberries, one can even add cherries.

The drink is very soft and fruity and is perfect at the beach or on a hot summer evening.

Behind the drink there is a subtle meaning which most men hope will come true. The women even though shy to order this drink always have lust in their eyes. In either case, Sex on the beach is the perfect beverage for a couple who hope to get more than just a drink.
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Sweet, Sweet, Sangria All Summer Long!

Sangria is a punch made from red wine.  The essentials ingredients in this punch include a red wine, some type of fruit, a sweet juice or syrup, carbonated water and a small amount of an alcoholic spirit. The fruits may range from orange, apples, kiwi or banana.

The sweet syrup can be honey or some type of sweet juice (e.g. orange juice).

Because there are so many variations of sangria, the alcohol content is quite variable. While red wine has traditionally been used to make sangria, one can even use white wine. And even the fruits can be varied from peaches, nectarines and even tangerines.

Today, a tinge of cinnamon is almost always added to the punch to give it a sharp taste.
Sangria is best served cold and thus is a common summer drink.

Sangria is available in most wine and grocery stores in bottled containers. However, to add variety and taste, one can easily make their own sangria using a variety of fruits and syrups.

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