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The truth about Bartending School

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bartending school

If there’s one thing I get asked about a LOT… it’s bartending school. I’m of the general opinion that there are more productive ways to spend your time. I’m even starting to feel that it can be an actual detriment to landing a good bartending job. We’ve already run a review of a Texas bartending school, which has spawned quite a bit of debate. But seriously, are bartending schools any good? And if not, how do you get a freaking job?

Now, bartender/designer/blogger Jeffrey Morgenthaler has weighed in on the debate.

Sorry, kids, but it’s true. You don’t become a doctor, lawyer, or architect straight out of school, and the same goes for bartending. It takes training, time, and working your way up the ladder in order to be running the show on a Friday night.

If you’re not a complete idiot, you can get a job in a bar with no experience, and for half the cost of a bartending “school”. And I’m going to show you how.

Let’s say that a typical bartending course is forty hours long and costs $500, yet doesn’t get you a job. I’m going to bet that you can get a job for the same money or less in the same forty hours.

This is only an excerpt from the beginning of a lenghty post in which Jeffrey tells you how to really get a job in the bartending industry. This is some of the best advice you’ll find out there, so if you’re interested in a bartending career, click here and learn.

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  1. Leonardo Says:

    This post was very well written, and it also contains many useful facts. I enjoyed your distinguished way of writing the post. You have made it very easy for me to understand.

  2. Global Products Says:

    bet that you can get a job for the same money or less in the same forty hours.