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Sailor Jerry Rum

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sailor_jerry.gifI drink a lot of rum. Specifically I drink a lot of Rum and Diet Cokes. That may sound like heresy, but try it. Rum with regular Coke is too sweet for me. The strange flavor of Diet Coke combined with the sweetness of rum really works for me. But that’s kind of off the point.

Since moving to Austin I have started frequenting TWIN LIQUORS which is within walking distance of my apartment. The first time I stopped in, it was to pick up my previous standby Captain Morgan. But then I noticed a bottle with a hula girl on it emblazoned with the name SAILOR JERRY. I figured if this rum was branded with the name of the famous tattoo artist it must have something going for it. Plus, it was only $14.99. I bought it, figuring I would at least have a cool bottle. As it turned out, I was VERY pleased with the contents inside.

This isn’t a tropical, coconut-y, girly rum. This is rum for tattooed sailors. First off, it’s 92-proof. But the flavor is really well balanced. It’s sweet but not too sweet, and it’s actually kind of spicy.

The Sailor Jerry website describes it like this: Distilled in the US Virgin Islands, this 92 proof spiced rum is based on the “customized” rums that sailors used to create when they had nothing better to do. Other rums are panty-waisted, soul-less (and ball-less in comparison.

That description is very accurate. This is rum with testosterone. This is a rum on a mission to rescue the reputation of rum from those who have turned it into a girly drink. It is damn good stuff.

It works great mixed with my old standby: Diet Coke. I know, not very manly. Even better… if you like it sweet, mix it with Vanilla Coke.

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  1. Beth Carmen Says:

    This is a nice drop, I can’t drink too much rum though it is a very strong drink for me.

  2. Timmy Says:

    This is the shit yo! it’s sweet and easy on the throat and has great vannilla flavour, i would not consider it more manly than other brands like morgan tho because ths seems much easier to drink! but it goes down really bloody well with equal parts pinapple juice, sailor jerrys and ginger ale with a slash of grenadine, im drinkin it now! lovely stuff.

  3. Shepdiggidy Says:

    My Dad introduced to sailor jerry a few years before I joined the Navy. I have introduced many of my devil dogs and squids to this delicious beverage, down here they have a soda called cheerwine and it accents sailor perfectly.

  4. kittycat Says:

    I am a girl and I love salior jerry!! I do shots of doctor pepper and sailor jerry. It does go down very smooth its very strange it doesn’t taste like alc. its just warm! I have made everyone I know try it and almost none did not like it!

  5. James Lunday Says:

    I too am a rummy and I like this rum. The above description is, in the authors words, accurate. It did indeed put a member of our clan in a diabetic coma, while on a fishing excursion in the southern Gulf of Mexico. Aside, he’s fine and none the worse for the experience.

    - James – Boerne, Texas

    p.s. I drink it with Diet Coke and sometimes as a shot.

  6. Contabilidade Custos Says:

    Aah Rum! The drink from the pirates.

    I’ve never tried this one. I will give it a shot.

  7. SailorMom Says:

    My Navy son introduced me to this fabulous rum during his move from Jacksonville Fl to Iraq via San Deigo Ca. I’m a long time rum lover but this stuff puts all the other rums to shame. I am a long time Diet Coke addict but I like this best with Coke Zero. I agree with the author that regular Coke is too sweet but I find Coke Zero is a great balance between the sickening sweetness of SJ and regular Coke and Diet Coke.
    Two thumbs way up!!!

  8. Martin Says:

    where in the UK can we get it?

  9. Martin Says:

    Sorry when I said in the UK, I meant which off licences. Just tried it in a pub and its good stuff. Do Threshers/Oddbins stock it?

  10. ginny Says:

    i’m a girl, and i’ve always hated rum because of its sweetness. but this is AMAZING! the flavor is great with diet coke or dr. pepper or even shots because it goes down so smooth! i cant stop drinking this and that says alot coming from a tequilla drinker

  11. TJ Johnston Says:

    My friends and i have had a lot of parties at a friend of mine’s place.and we always by Sailor Jerry by the gallons.I LOVE it.I always will.I’m a huge pirate and rum fan and Sailor Jerry blows any other rum out of the water.The taste is so perfect,it’s tastes the way you imagine spiced rum should taste,even if you’ve never had spiced rum.I won’t drink it any other way than just straight shots or right out of the bottle.It’s a drink in my opinion that shouldn’t be mixed with anything,simply because it’s a sailor’s drink.They sure as hell didn’t mix it,they
    brewed the perfect not to add anything to it,they didn’t need to it was already perfect the way it was and i agree.Now as far as all the mixing drinks,i see it as Jack and Crown are the only things I’ll mix with a soda but that is just me

  12. CL Says:

    This is the best rum. I usually drink Bacardi and cokes but my cousin turned me onto Sailor Jerry and Ginger Ale. My new favorite drink. Great rum with great flavor.

  13. chris Says:

    up the jerrys!! gotta take it with a bit of fresh lime and loads of ice! you can get it in salfages in the uk

  14. K Says:

    i LOVE this drink! I hate barcardi, but Sailor Jerry is f**king fantastic. I’ve been telling everyone about it!! Hoping word of mouth will get it stocked in more places!

    If wanting to buy in the UK:
    - It can be a couple quid more than other bottles (costs me about £17, compared to £9 for vodka lol), I doubt oddbins or bargain booze type places will stock it. Try independent off licences, none of the national chains seem to have it.
    - HOWEVER my local large Sainsbury’s has recently started to stock it. They sold out in like 2 days, 2 weeks later its still not in stock! Go Sailor Jerry!

    I’ve only started drinking it, so going to play around try to make my own cocktail!

  15. matt Says:

    love rum but when i tryed this stuff i have not bought any bacardi or morgans, dont know if i will unless the pirates capture me and there is no other choices. this is some damn good rum and if you drink enough of it your dick will drag in the dirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Plug Says:

    For TJ Johnson and others interested … sailors did not primarily drink rum “straight up” (including pirates!) …
    They usually drank rum in the form of Grog!
    Grog is a drink used to fight scurvy – an ever-present problem on ships. The citrus from the limes in the drink was the real winner for that, but I’m sure the rum didn’t hurt. I’m drinking some Grog as I type … a good recipe for any rum lover (like me) is:
    2 oz Sailor Jerry (THE BEST RUM!)
    4 oz water
    2/3 to 1 oz lime juice
    1 (heaping?) tablespoon brown sugar

    that’s it! if you like, you can throw in a couple of whole cloves or a cinnamon stick or a slice of orange, but I like it straight up! Cheers and let’s drink to Sailor Jerry!

  17. mattyboy Says:

    2 words ROOT BEER, and alot of ice, root beer fans will love this a shot or 2 of jerrys and fill the rest of the glass up with root beer and ice, mixes sooo well, i tried mug root beer but i assume most variety’s should work just as well., happy drinking , cheers!

  18. US Navy Veteran Says:

    A very good rum matey.

  19. Luke - AspiringGentleman Says:

    I gave mickeys of Sailor Jerry’s to some friends of mine as a gift. They were apprehensive at first, but after the first sip they were incredibly stoked. A very good rum that has replaced Bacardi as my go-to (cheap) rum.

  20. RummyEurope Says:

    Try rummy online! ;)

  21. brian Says:

    I too discovered this in Austin Tx but I prefer it with dr.pepper

  22. thingrid Says:

    Rockin pirate/Austinite who works at– Twin Liquors. Agree… one of the best rums I’ve ever had! I love it with Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, hot butter rum, room temp. and especially pina coladas!!
    Drink more Sailor Jerry ;D

  23. Ginger Says:

    I just love rum and blackcurrant juice. You have to be careful as sometimes the juice can overpower the rum and you don’t realise how much you are consuming.
    Sadly found that little bit out at my 21st birthday party.
    Haven’t tried Sailor Jerry out.

  24. Daniel Says:

    I bought this at the market I work at because it was on sale and I liked the bottle. Has a good taste to it and goes down smooth. I finished half the bottle on that first night and didn’t realize it till the room started spinning.

  25. gavin_klaus Says:

    m’yar mateys! this be the rum of the real pirates m’yar! good with nuthin, drink it straight and yer be in for a night of fun!

  26. Lucy Says:


  27. Tehbull Says:

    As a united states sailor I was turned onto this drink by one of my old roommates who was a fan of not only the rum but also the tattoos. I’ve found this to be my favorite liquor. I’ll shoot it straight but 9 times out of ten I’ll mix it half and half with wile cherry pepsi and oddly enough this drink has NEVER left me hungover and I’m not much of a drinker

  28. Shona Says:

    Try Sailor Jerry with Milk really amazing mite sound odd but its like a milkshake happydays

  29. rob Says:

    I am 70 yrs and watch $/oz, kick (proof), and quality/taste, very closely. I like spiced rum, but most options raise the $/oz, and lower the kick. I was stunned to find this new (for me)item at BevMo for $19.99/1.75L. What a bargain!

  30. Mark Says:

    The UK used to have a sweeter, more vanilla/citrus blend and everyone was going wild for it until they changed the recipe to more closely match this US blend. There’s a campaign on Facebook to bring back the old recipe as well as at sinkthesailor .co .uk

  31. Samantha Says:

    This is the bomb! I love Appleton for purity…I LOVE Sailor Jerry for flavor, kick, and fun. I don’t mix it…..straight up or on the rocks. No mix, no sugar, nothing. Just pure Jerry…..yum!!!

  32. Captain Says:

    Here the end all be all of the sailor drinks shot of sailor jerry shot of jack daniels, ice, coke and squirt of lemon. The jack mellows jerry’s sweetness and the lemon, powers down the strength of the whiskey taste. Its the perfect mix

  33. Johnny Says:

    I absolutely LOVE Sailor Jerry rum. This is my favorite bottle, and I recommend it to anyone who wants a real drink. One, it gets the job done. Two, it actually tastes great compared to a lot of other bottles out there. And it’s SMOOTH AS GLASS. You’d think being higher proof than other things would make it kinda harder to drink, but that’s not true at all. And I never mix it. Straight up for me when it comes to this rum because it tastes too good to ruin it with pop or anything else. I drank it all in two days, which was a mistake cuz the first day I had it, I didn’t realize how shitfaced I was till I was throwing up. haha so be careful cuz this stuff is good. I know one thing for sure, and that’s that I’ll never buy Cptn. Morgan’s again.

  34. Dave - Belize Real Estate Expert Says:

    I lived on my sailboat for five years during the nineties, and that’s when I was first introduced to Sailor Jerry Rum. I’ve never been a big fan of spiced rums since it always reminds me of drinking maple syrop, but Sailor Jerry is an exception for some reason. To each there own, I guess! Thanks for an informative website.

  35. rummy for money Says:

    cool, rum is my favorite drink and rummy is my game. thanks

  36. Scott Says:

    Appleton from Jamaica and Mount Gay from Barbados.

  37. Brenton Short Says:

    THis is the best spiced rum for sure. THe wife swore by using it with dr. pepper and I gave her crap for it just to find out she’s not the only one. I am trying it right now with orange-peach-mango juice and wow! this does go with fruit juice in a very refreshing way. I waws loking for a recipe based off stuff I have at home and had to make my own. Don’t put too much in the girls drinks though since they will gripe or get too drunk too fast!

  38. Jen [> Says:

    Tried SAILOR JERRY for the first time last night with Mt.Dew..SO FU*KING GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Malinie Jargonson Says:

    First time for me visiting your web site, I completely enjoyed your post and will be back soon.

  40. kral oyun Says:

    I’ve never tried this one. I will give it a shot.

  41. Girls Games Says:

    kral oyun, I am not agree with you. You can’t do it. Be serious. Jerry rum smooth drink certainly.

  42. TGIF Coupons Says:

    Me and my girl drank an entire bottle of this last night! I could have used some of those hangover patches that you blogged about in another post today. Sailor Jerry just replaced Captain Morgan in my liquor cabinet. Ahhh mutiny!

  43. Zakk Says:

    I’m from the South (Georgia) were people are all about drinking and drinking liquer. The most popular drinks are jack daniels, southern comfort, Wild Turkey, and shine but I have always been a fan of sailor Jerry’s since the first time it touched my lips, by far the best rum on the market. The people up north don’t drink sweeet tea ut sweet tea and Sailor jerrys might be the best ever. especially for a cookout.

  44. Christian Says:

    I’m from the South (Georgia) were humans are all about bubbler and bubbler liquer. The a lot of accepted drinks are jack daniels, southern comfort, Wild Turkey, and flash but I accept consistently been a fan of sailor Jerry’s back the aboriginal time it affected my lips, by far the best rum on the market. The humans up arctic don’t alcohol sweeet tea ut candied tea and Sailor jerrys ability be the best ever. abnormally for a cookout.

  45. john Says:

    Drinking rum is good when the weather is cold. It will make you feel warm. I have tried it and it worked.

  46. Watermelon Nutritional Facts Says:

    With the resurgence in popularity of old school tattoos, Jerry’s vintage pinup girls have become iconic. There is a line of products sporting his images now.. from clothing, ashtrays and playing cards, to 92 proof rum! Talk about ubiquitous and iconic– I even saw his rum the other day at Rite Aid drug store!
    Watermelon Nutritional Facts

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  48. fat kal Says:

    Sailor jerry’s is amayzing, its best with no sugar coke or no sugar lemonade, i dont know what it is with normal coke or normal lemonade it just doesnt taste right. Every1 who keeps asking where to get it in the UK.. the cheapest place i can find it is bargain booze. most supermarkets dont stock it.

  49. kettering plasterer Says:

    I like a bit of rum. I usualy have the a bit of the old captain morgans.

    It would be nice to try this

  50. J-Dawg Says:

    I have been drinking this for years so heres a little tip(if you like creamsicles), mix it with orange crush beautiful drink that you can down fast .

  51. Neil Asher Says:

    This rum is a MUST buy!

    I love Rum and this tastes like nothing else!!

    Neil ASher

  52. Scaune Auto Says:

    I was drinking like you lot of Rum until 2 years ago when i was very sick because that. So be careful

  53. Disney Channel Says:

    this is only the most popular wine from the first time I’ve been enjoying it, very nice

  54. AntaresSeo Says:

    I agree with you. You can do this )) Jerry rum smooth drink certainly.

  55. ISHATEC | TV Shows and Movies Says:

    Absolutely very nice blog.

  56. Lifes Health Care Says:

    wow.. I never try this one.. maybe this could be one option for the new year night later.

  57. livescore Says:

    There is a line of goods fair his pictures now.. from apparel, ashtrays and playing cards, to 92 verification rum! Talk about ubiquitous and iconic– I even glimpsed his rum the other day at Rite Aid pharmaceutical store!
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  58. Inforbank24 Says:

    I love rum so I would definitely try this..kekeke

  59. jeannette Says:

    Good evening,
    Did anyone ever try the Haitian 5 stars Barbancourt Rum? My father was a pastor I used to get it from my friends parents, and we mixed it with condensed milk which turned it to a creamy liqueur. I’d love to try Jerry’s version is theree a website? mine is http://www.healthproducts.theperfectsmell.com


  60. maciek Says:

    I love Rum , especially with tea :)

  61. Terry O'Toole Says:

    Guinness is my poison-lots of it.Never tried rum but after reading your post I will do so next time I am out.

  62. moncler Says:

    Terrific work! That is the kind of information that are supposed to be shared across the internet. Shame on the seek engines for no longer positioning this publish higher! Come on over and seek advice from my website . Thanks =)

  63. professional essay writers Says:

    i love the rum, mostly when i am attending a party with my friends.

  64. BlogsDB Directory Says:

    Looks something of a great drink. Perfect to heat up during this cold season. Let’s drink to that.

  65. Dr. Andrew White Says:

    Never heard of the stuff. Probably for the following reasons: I am a chiropractor in St George UT. 1. Chiropractors are too poor to have anything fun. 2. St George UT is the most sober place I have ever lived. 100k people and only a couple of bars. I’m not saying, that being a dry city is bad, it’s just different from South Dakota (my last home)

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