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Absolut introduces Absolut New Orleans

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Absolut New Orleans VodkaTales of the Cocktail is rocking New Orleans right now (man, I would kill to be there) and one of the cool announcements to come out of this gatherings is Absolut New Orleans. Absolut will be introducing this new flavor this afternoon. The company describes it as a mango flavor with a black pepper kick. Sounds intriguing!

“The way we’re describing it is a fruity vodka with a spicy kick, which is a way you could describe the city of New Orleans,” said Tim Murphy, vice president of marketing for Absolut. “It can also give a unique twist to the Hurricane recipe.”

Absolut New Orleans will be limited to 35,000 cases and is designed to benefit Gulf Coast rebuilding. Sales of the flavored vodka are estimated to raise $2 million for the cause. Absolut New Orleans will hit stores in August and should retail for around $19 a bottle.

“ABSOLUT NEW ORLEANS is expanding the reach of traditional spirits and redefining the way we think about our products. We’re confident our consumers will be energized by this unique flavor experience and the opportunity to make an impact with each sip,” said Tim Murphy. “ABSOLUT NEW ORLEANS is the first in a series of limited edition flavors that will evoke new ‘tastes’ while celebrating and supporting diverse cities.”

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35 Comments For This Post

  1. John Martin Says:

    I just returned home from Tales of the Cocktail myself… Absolute New Orleans was everywhere and available in at least a half dozen drinks of the complementary drinks. A good mixer, the pepper note disappears when blended with cranberry or lime. The marketing of this product of inspired.

  2. Karen Says:

    Absolut New Orleans is excellent in a Bloody Mary or with Cranberry and Pineapple juice. Love this product.

  3. Joe Says:

    Unfortunately, I lost the recipe for your watemelon coctail using the New Orleans vodka.

    Could you please send it to me?



  4. Jeff Diamond Says:

    Bloody Mary recipe as follows:
    I used Major Peters mix, New Orleans vodka, 1 shot of dill pickle juice, a drop or two of dry vermouth, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, and WOW!

  5. Oscar Vega Says:

    I didn’t know about Absolut New Orleans, till yesterday, and I hope you can answer me this, can I get it in Mexico City? and How?
    thanks man,
    Oh, by the way, could you send me also the watermelon recipe please, sounds delicious
    saludos desde Mexico

  6. Gary Duddleson Says:

    Bought my first bottle of New Orleans Vodka today. Looking for some interesting reciepes. A shot sure does taste interesting. The watermelon drink sounds good.
    Thanks Gary

  7. donna dazet Says:

    where can i purchase you aboslut new orleans limited edition
    thank you for your time

  8. York Says:

    Pineapple and “FRESH” squeezed lime juice. That’s the way to go…

  9. Kira Delburn Says:

    I am wanting to purchase a bottle of Absolut New Orleans. Can you tell me where I can I find it? I live in Mobile, AL and haven’t seen it anywhere so far.

  10. Melinda Nielsen Says:

    Has anyone a good recipe for a holiday ‘tini…colorful and unique?

  11. The 9th Says:

    750ml bottle are being blown out @ Vons in So. Cal. for $9.99.

    I tried it cran eeeh, P-apple juice eehh. Belive it or not I was drinking a can of Mt. Dew Code Red and it’s suprisingly the best. You can taste both the mango & black pepper.

  12. Trixie Says:

    Absolut Big Breezy: Muddle 4 chunks of chilled watermelon, scant 2 tablespoons simple syrup (or to taste), a squeeze of lemon juice and a dash of fresh-ground black pepper in a cocktail shaker. Add ice and 11/2 ounces (3 tablespoons) Absolut New Orleans Vodka. Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a watermelon ball and slice of lemon.

  13. Absolut Says:

    I want to try this flavor!

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