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Make the perfect Cosmopolitan

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I’m one of the few guys I know who is actually a fan of Sex and the City. You can call me all the names you want. But, as fans of the show (and their boyfriends) know, Sex and the City is coming to the big screen later this month in a big budget movie version. So in honor of the upcoming Sex and the City movie, here’s a video that demonstrates how to make a Cosmopolitan.

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30 Comments For This Post

  1. RSS Explained Says:

    Nice video…

    Does anyone know what happens to Mr. Big in the new movie?

    I think he dies…

  2. renovation Says:

    This cocktail tastes very well. The lady is cool!!!

  3. Avocat Says:

    A cosmopolitan is a cocktail made with vodka, Cointreau or Triple Sec, cranberry juice, and fresh-squeezed lime juice or sweetened lime juice. Informally, it is referred to as a Cosmo.
    Lets wait for movie release !!

  4. appareil medical Says:

    I tried it. I like the flavor.

  5. allnewrelease.com Says:

    very nice article… Thanks…

  6. Internet Marketing Says:

    I can’t wait for the Sex & the City movie to come out! I have all the show seasons on DVD — it’s a favorite of mine!

  7. Jessy Says:

    Very nice video. Thank you for introduktion to make a perfect cosmopolitan!

  8. Eric Says:

    Haha, that was an interesting video, that girl is really pretty.

  9. jay - learn thai podcast Says:

    Well thanks! This recipe was great for yesterday evening but now I need some fruit / vegetable / whatever anti hangover drink :)
    (i know, i know its just dehydration)

  10. Marc Klein Says:

    I am myself a great fan of sex and city. The video is great and the bartender in the video is very sexy.

  11. Michael Says:

    thanks a lot for the recipe! :)

  12. Kristian Liebrand Says:

    That would taste real good as i epically like the way it is made which is simple and made really strong which is my kind of way. It is amazing to see how the lemon can catch fire when squeezed and i get bet it would taste even better.

  13. Brian Says:

    I bartend at popular restaurant in LA right next to a movie theater, and since the movie came out we have made so many cosmos I am going to buy stock in Ocean Spray. Is there a faster way to make this drink than all the squeezing and filtering? Could Rose’s Lime juice be used instead?

  14. Liz Says:

    Not a SatC fan, but I love me a Cosmo. I make them the lazy way at home, just bottled mix and vodka…which reminds me, I need to buy more vodka.

  15. Dubai Travel Guide Says:

    LOved the article!

  16. Fashion Tips Says:

    I love this cocktail but I didn’t see anyone to make it like the girl in this video.

  17. Dulce Says:

    Come on now, who doesnt know how to make a cosmopolitan?

  18. ReKeY LoS AnGeLeS Says:

    she can make me a cosmo anyday

  19. teacher Says:

    I will try it too ;)

  20. seduction affiliates Says:

    Comsmos are like the easiest shot to make!

  21. List Lair Says:

    Cosmos are my favorite drink

  22. Midoun Hotels Says:

    wow nice and perfect Cosmo video

  23. BOOT SOCKS Says:

    this video about ?

  24. Sergey Says:

    That that is necessary, at me the wife reads it constantly

  25. Room Divider Curtain Says:

    what video about you post?

  26. Large Rug Says:

    your video is uploaded on youtube ?

  27. arief Says:

    what a yummy! yummy!

  28. lantern light Says:

    I’m so sorry, I have to say that I dont like sex and the city, avatar is a better one for me…

  29. Staubsauger Testsieger Says:

    Wow thats very cool. I’ll use this recipe for my next cocktail party :-)

  30. Laufband Kaufen Says:

    looks delicious, and being bartende has more than a couple of advantages ;)