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Black Mojito

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Kudos to the Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris for this recipe. It’s the best take on the mojito I’ve ever had.

- fresh mint leaves
- crystal sugar
- brown sugar
- fresh blackberries
- lime juice
- grapefruit vodka
- blackberry liqueur
- raspberry liqueur
- soda water

- Watch the video to see the proportions for this delicious cocktail. Some tips from Joe: Use 4 blackberries per mojito in a highball glass, and garnish with just 1 blackberry split in two. It’s likely you don’t have the same ingredients as our friend Thierry Hernandez, so you can substitute a wild berry or field berry vodka (from the Smirnoff/Absolut flavored series).comment on this

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47 Comments For This Post

  1. steve D Says:

    awesome. can’t wait to make this! You always have the cooooolest drinks

  2. sohbet Says:

    very good ;)

  3. fruit basket Says:

    I favorited it. The last line is so true. I also wish life would be much easier…Thanks for sharing.

  4. Chris Says:

    Have you ever tried a Mojito with Coconut Water? If not you should try it.

  5. Approach Women Says:

    I think the mint ruins it, but that is just my opinion.

  6. Dulce Says:

    looks like a good island drink. thanks for the share!

  7. sale house fast Says:

    Thanks for this, I will try it.

  8. dirty martini Says:

    Mmmm, a blackberry cocktail, sounds great. I wonder what other berries would work as well? I might have to do some experimenting.

  9. Gaurav Says:

    Nice video will you please mention in what proportion it must be added

  10. Gaurav Says:

    I’m mean ratio of Ingredients

  11. viny barlas Says:

    wow really refreshing drink awesome
    i love it specially lime test r my favoreit


  12. Graham Wellington Says:

    This looks GOOD! I absolutely LOVE mojitos! My wife and I will try this recipe.

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  13. useful tips to make your life better Says:

    sound interesting,going to try this recipe, thanks mate…

  14. Cigarettes Says:

    Wow…a Black Mojito…it sounds delicious. And that guy had the coolest French accent. All the ingredients in that drink were so tantalizing…

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  17. Enea Says:

    Informative video. The guy in the video knows what he does.

  18. Albu Says:

    Good work, i will try this, thank you:)

  19. joy Says:

    sound interesting, I’ll try


  20. vadim uvazhny Says:

    Interesting recipe. Thanks.

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  22. Yuba City Photographer Says:

    This is a great drink thanks for this awesome mixer

  23. Auctions Says:

    Wow…a Black Mojito…it sounds delicious and interesting – going to try this recipe, thanks mate…

  24. arun Says:

    that’s amazing!!
    mojitos can try with my friends

  25. hollywood locksmith Says:

    JESUS , not the most visualy pleasing but wow very original and i bet it tates grreat!!@!

  26. sonam Says:

    fresh and should be liked by youth, energetic, sun protect, loosing weight without dieting, and using least alcohol.


  27. california contractor insurance Says:

    Mojito you’re doing goood man!

  28. Finance Information Says:

    After watching this video I desperately start to search all of ingredients

  29. Ben Song Says:

    im going to make this right now!!!! i cant wait until i taste it

  30. seduction reviews Says:

    I’ve never seen a black mojito before

  31. Lair Says:

    Good drink.. chicks dig it tooa

  32. Turning Winds Says:

    Sounds to be a great drink. I’m sure gonna try and make one at home with my husband. I hope our version will taste good.

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    I always like experimenting with booze. Thanks for the inspiration.

  34. Bella Giannavola Says:

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    Does anybody know where I can get some goddamn booze?

  36. Scarus Says:

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  37. Reliable friend Says:

    Watch the video to see the proportions ,well done

  38. Zrce Urlaub Says:

    i like it. i got the same problem. dont know where i can get some goddamn booze.

  39. Tereza Says:

    I never tried black mojito, i will prepare this very soon :-)

  40. mario Says:

    io lo già bevuto e molto bueno

  41. zahnaufheller Says:

    not sure about the ingedients but it seems like a ton of work to get this stuff :-/

  42. Bonnie Girand Says:

    This is a useful summary, I found your blog site looking around aol for a related content and came to this. I couldnt get to much other info on this blog post, so it was great to find this one. I will probably end up being back to check out some other articles that you have another time.

  43. Sashamisha Says:

    Useful, thanks. After time it will be inside me.

  44. BLU Event Design Says:

    Got to love a mojito! Can’t wait to try it!

  45. oto ilan Says:

    thanks for share. I will shared face

  46. kettering plasterer Says:

    Crikey theres a lot going on in there

  47. JIexa_from_ukraine Says:

    I did not like … (

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